The CHX Leadership

CHX Leadership

The CHX Leadership team blends deep expertise in business, science and individual & team coaching and development.  From technical programme design and scientific content to inspiring personalities for coaching and development, we think you will enjoy your contact with the CHX team from start to finish. And if enjoyment isn't enough, rest assured there is plenty to learn from the shared knowledge. 

What makes the CHX team unique is that we have worked and played together, for many many years.  We share values, expect the most out of ourselves, each other and our clients, and set out to try to enjoy every moment of life.

Damien Stork


Damien lives in Chamonix and London and spends his time either working on the programme content with the Science team, designing programmes for clients, holding workshops and seminars, or hosting CHX events in Chamonix.  

He has spent his entire life working in and participating in a variety of sports at the same time as developing a career in the Talent Management sector.  Between 1999 and 2013 Damien built businesses in resourcing and talent management consultancy, most recently as part of the very successful private equity-backed management team that set up and then sold Ochre House Talent Management (2006-2013), a global consultancy that won multiple awards for its leading-edge programmes for hiring and developing management and executive teams.


On a personal front, since 2001, Damien has combined corporate life with climbing and trekking all over the World, including the Andes, the Himalaya and SE Asia.  It is Chamonix he now calls home, and it is the challenge of the extraordinary environment that led him to the idea of CHX; the desire to introduce this place to businesses and individuals, combining the magic of the mountains with hard science, all aimed at personal and team development.

Damien works ½ day per week for The Connection – a large crisis centre in central London – helping clients prepare for and apply for work, coaching them to write CVs and get ready for interview. 

Professor Chris Beedie

Founder and Director of Science and Research

Professor Chris Beedie is co-founder of CHX Performance and leads the development and delivery of scientific content for all our performance programmes. He manages and coordinates the CHX science team, ensuring that the programmes are relevant and applicable to our audience, reflect a broad consensus of scientific research, and that all scientific content and consultants work in harmony to achieve positive impacts for our clients.   

Chris completed an undergraduate degree in Sports Performance Physiology, a postgraduate degree in Applied Neuroscience, and a PhD in Mood, Emotion and Human Performance. Since the completion of his doctorate 20 years ago, he has developed a broad portfolio of experience and excellence in academic and corporate environments. 

In academia, he has led numerous research projects examining the links between the mind, brain and body in human performance and mental health. He has published over 100 peer reviewed scientific research papers and delivered scientific keynotes and plenaries for numerous professional audiences, ranging from medicine to the military to elite sport performance. Having worked at numerous universities in all roles from Lecturer to full Professor, he is currently Honorary Professor of Cognition & Neuroscience at the University of Kent where he teaches programmes in Evolutionary Psychology and Biopsychology.


In the corporate environment, Chris has led consultancy and coaching programmes for public, private and third sector organisations, and has held senior leadership roles in two multinational health providers. He works in a range of sectors including finance, law, technology and healthcare, and at all levels from service delivery to senior leadership. He draws on his considerable expertise and experience to support clients in better understanding interactions between their internal biology and their external social and physical environments, and the practical implications of these for their day to day performance and quality of life, and for their long-term mental health. 

Alongside his academic and corporate career, Chris has competed at a very high level in track and road cycling, crew rowing, and Olympic Distance and Ironman Triathlon, in which he has represented Great Britain. In this context he has also acted as sports science consultant to clients including elite international endurance athletes, professional and Olympic teams, and the British Army.

Jonathan Hook

Director of Learning and Programmes

Joining CHX in January 2019, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience from the corporate and education sectors. He worked at Carphone Warehouse for 12 years, culminating in the role of Managing Director for UK Retail. Jonathan oversaw exceptional growth at Carphone Warehouse whilst at the same time delivering incredible employee and, in turn, customer satisfaction. At CHX, Jonathan works across the whole team, ensuring that as we grow, we remain true to our values.


Following his successful corporate career he retrained as a primary school teacher,and has been working as a Head Teacher in schools that were considered to be in Special Measures. He worked with leadership teams and as a Headteacher in his final school, to turn the schools around, leading them to be judged as “good” schools.

Outside of work, Jonathan has a passion for the outdoors: a keen gardener, he grows chillies to make oils and sauces for food fairs; butterflies and moths have been a lifelong interest along with wildlife and ecology in general. Jonathan loves to cook, especially what he has grown or foraged. He always makes too much jam, do not be surprised if he offers you a jar. Jonathan lives with his wife and three children near the Chiltern Hills on the Bucks/Oxon border.

Dan Godsall

Advisory Board Chair CHX Performance

After a twenty-seven year career in financial services, where he held three Managing Director Positions with Barclays Bank plc, and Executive Director of First Title Insurance plc, Dan decided in 2014 to quit his corporate career and to focus on his passion for leadership development and diversity and inclusion. For the last 4 years Dan has coached senior leaders across multiple sectors, including retail, technology, engineering, financial services, and public sector. He is also founder of WOMBA, a diversity and inclusion focused coaching consultancy.

When he isn't working with leaders and their teams, Dan spends most of his time outdoors with his two young sons, Jesse and Sam, and his wife, Kate. He enjoys walking, running, cooking, and has a passion for personal growth and learning.

The opportunity to join CHX was so completely aligned with Dan's personal beliefs about human potential and growth that it was the easiest decision he's ever had to make.  Having worked fulltime in CHX for 18 months, taking programmes to a World-class level, in January 2020 he moved to a key, advisory role.

Dr. Sophie Bostock

CHX Performance Science Lead

Sophie is passionate about promoting the science of mental health and performance and works closely with Chris to continually develop CHX programme content on sleep and optimum performance.  Following degrees in medicine and business, and roles in business consultancy, Sophie developed an interest in Health Psychology. She completed a PhD at UCL in the field of Psychobiology, focusing on the interactions between work stress, wellbeing and heart disease. This led to an interest in sleep as one of the unsung heroes of health and performance. 

Sophie has published a number of research trials in corporate settings, exploring the impact of sleep improvement on productivity and wellbeing. She has developed and taught MSc courses on public health and behaviour change.  Sophie has spent the last five years specialising in sleep science for a digital medicine company, with an honorary research contract at the University of Oxford. She has spent two years as an NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow, promoting the importance of digital sleep medicine.

Sophie spends as much time as possible outdoors in the sunshine. She is an experienced windsurf instructor and competes in paddleboarding and open water swimming. A keen climber, she is training to become an instructor to help other people enjoy the phenomenal buzz. 

Robbie Udberg

Head of CHX Challenge

Robbie joined CHX in 2018, having spent 9 years at Chelsea Football Club, where he most recently held roles as Head of Player Development and Performance Manager with the women's teams. Having studied under Chris Beedie, Robbie started with CHX delivering Performance workshops, focused on social and physical environments; he now blends running the operations of CHX Challenge events with exploration of how clients can unlock higher performance levels through modification of physical, social and altruistic environments.

Interested in the profound impact that environments have on people and their performance, Robbie is passionate about helping to develop others and in 2019 he will complete a Master's Degree in Environmental Psychology, further exploring this subject.

Robbie was brought up in the mountains and has a real passion for the outdoors. He personifies the CHX belief that bringing the outdoors into your life can help you achieve more and perform better.

Alison Stork

Founder and CHX Challenge Director

Alison has worked as a registered Nutritional Therapist since 2007 and has worked for private clinics on Harley Street and in the City.  For the past 8 years Alison has predominantly been with Nuffield Health as a clinical nutritionist providing advice and support to individuals and the corporate market, working with businesses such as Allen & Overy and Cadbury’s.  

Alison is now CHX resident nutritionist, leading discussions on nutrition and performance and working 1-2-1 with clients where needed.  She works closely with our chef to ensure that the nutrition for each group is healthy, balanced, fresh and fun!  


Alison has a passion for sports and fitness, in particular hiking, and trail running.  She has competed in numerous events including coming 17th woman in the Chamonix Sky World running championships in 2011 and 35th in 2016, as well as 4th in her first 60km trail race in October 2016.  These hobbies have taken her to the Andes, the Himalaya and of course across the Alps.  When not on a mountain, you will find Alison in her kitchen - she is passionate in her belief that food and what we eat impacts on every aspect of health, wellbeing and performance.

Alison is currently studying a Masters Degree in Food Policy at London University and works voluntarily for the Trussell Trust (food banks).  She also manages CHX’s charitable fundraising efforts in the winter months.


CHX Performance Science Lead

Charlotte completed her PhD in Physical activity and Human movement science and has spent the past six years dedicated to research in the field of Sleep. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at Geneva University Hospital and Geneva University Medical School. 

Charlotte's clinical and research interests currently include many aspects of sleep and how it impacts our daily functioning, cognitive performance and physical performance both in work and leisure environments. At Geneva University Hospital her work takes place in both the Movement Laboratories and the Sleep Laboratories.

She works with a broad spectrum of clients... from patients with Neurological diseases to athletes that need to optimise their performance. Charlotte has called Chamonix home for the past 8 years. She is a mum of two that is a passionate trail runner. She races in ultra distance trail runs, most recently completing the CCC.... A 100km run around Mont Blanc. She is also a qualified personal trainer and even manages to fit teaching kettlebell classes into her already busy schedule!

Dr. Emma Cohen

CHX Associate Professor

Emma is a member of the CHX Science team and works closely with Chris and Damien in developing and delivering the CHX seminar programme. She is Associate Professor at the Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford and Fellow in Human Sciences at Wadham College.

Emma has pioneered research on the links between group movement and exercise, social bonding and cooperation, and performance and she regularly consults with business and the public sector. She has an infectious curiosity and passion for understanding how humans bond through physical exercise and team challenges, and how strong social bonds can boost health and physical performance. These questions sit right at the heart of the CHX programmes.

Emma grew up on the Northern Irish coast, where she first developed a love of outdoor adventure. She has lived and researched in many different parts of the world, including Poland, Tuvalu, Netherlands, and Brazil. Her earliest, most loyal and adventurous friend was her border collie, with whom she headed to the beach at every opportunity. Exercise and sport have always been a big part of her life, including her social life (dancing counts!). She is happiest when cycling high mountains with a tent strapped to the back of her Thorn Nomad bike and only a vague sense of itinerary. She is married to Pete, who, conveniently, runs about as fast as she cycles.

Candy Stork

Head of Operations 

Candy runs the entire back office of the business, but would much rather be on the trails or leading on the entertainment! A young family means she can only join us on our events for a couple of weeks a year, but that does mean she will be the one you have contact with regarding all booking logistics which is good news! 

Her background is in HR, Accounts and Admin support but she has also spent 10 years working in the health and fitness industry and is a qualified fitness instructor who loves to teach a variety of classes, the most popular being Ski Fitness, Boxercise and Cagefit.

Candy was introduced to the mountains in Chamonix by Damien and Alison and found their enthusiasm to be highly infectious. Her first weekend was packed with exhilarating walks, stunning views and several cold beers. It’s fair to say that all aspects were fully embraced!

In 2016 Candy has been fundraising for Streets of London Streets (homelessness) and also works closely with Alison on the CHX Challenge business.

Nic Clarke

Technical Advisor and Challenge Lead

Nic has spent his entire adult life climbing, mountaineering, hiking, biking and generally having fun in the mountains.  You could argue strongly in fact that his is not a particularly adult life! He and Damien started climbing together in Chamonix Mont-Blanc in 2001, having worked together in health and fitness for the previous 4 years.

He is a highly qualified personal trainer, but more importantly for CHX, he is a hugely experienced mountain adventurer who was a key member of the Everest Max team in 2006.  This is the team that became the first to go from the lowest point on earth to the highest - cycling from the Dead Sea in Jordan through 8 countries and finishing by climbing to the summit of Everest! 

Nic also knows the alps like the back of his hand and lists trail running and hiking as his favourite activities, with indepth experience of all the CHX routes. At CHX, Nic advises all Challenge participants on preparation and kit. He then hosts and leads on our Challenge fundraising events. But please ignore his snack ideas, they are nutritionally disastrous!   

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