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The CHX podcast series has been developed to ensure businesses and their people have every chance of being at their best as we progress through a period of prolonged and enforced change. 

Businesses have a moral obligation to look after their people not just now, but at all times. They also need to do more than just hope that their people will cope. Right now and for the foreseeable future, businesses need their people to be better than ever; physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

Whilst our biological response might be normal, it can feel deeply unfamiliar and we also know that our feelings will heavily bias our ability to work and communicate rationally, stay focused and indeed connect with each other both at work and at home.

If we try to continue as normal we are at risk of compounding stress and weakening our immune systems. It will also dramatically shift mood in a negative direction - not only in ourselves but in our teams and wider organisational cultures. We all need to understand the risks, identify how we can adapt, and capitalise on the undoubted opportunities that exist. We need to rapidly move from anxiety to hope. 

This series of podcasts is about finding answers to some pressing questions:

  • How can we start to feel more in control, when everything seems out of our control?
  • How do I operate effectively in a state of uncertainty and change?
  • How do we create emotional safety for ourselves and those around us?
  • What might my and my team’s ‘best’ look like in the future, what positives can I take forward?

Aims & Impact

The podcasts explore these and other questions, from a scientific, human and business perspective and listeners will gain:

  • A deeper knowledge of their body & brain biology; knowledge that will become a real friend.
  • Practical tips and advice on how to be at your best, now and going forward 
  • New, biological insights for more effective communication and collaboration
  • Heightened awareness of the direct links between Mood, Emotions and Performance and how we impact each other.
  • Reassurance that at a biological level we are all going through the same thing and that what we are experiencing is a healthy response to deep uncertainty.

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Podcast 1:

The lockdown brain - are powerful instincts taking control?

Key Content

Our brain is in overdrive & it’s confusing, how can we help our executive function?

Do I have to adapt and change or can I plough on regardless?

We might not be in control - even if we think we are. How can I get control?

What is mood, why is it critical and how can I make my mood more consistent?

Podcast 2:

Stress, Immunity and our obligation to ourselves and each other

Key Content

The importance of energy and resources to the brain & body and its processes.

What are emotions and how do they link to stress?

The physiology of stress - burnout and weakened immunity.

How can I find a balance?

Podcast 3:

The most important data you have is biological - ignore at your peril.

Key Content

How emotions bias our behaviors - when our behaviours need to at their best.

How emotions such as anxiety and anger can undermine your thinking & decision making

How remote working can create bias that will undermine communication

How and where you can find emotional restoration

Podcast 4:

Group culture - utterly determined by how we use social biological data. 

Key Content

When and why to regulate your own emotions (and when and why not to).

Why we should learn to respect the emotions of others.

Strategies for managing your own emotions and being better with the emotions of others.

Adding a new dimension to the quality of our communication and collaboration.

Podcast 5: 

We are hard-wired to help each other, but it’s not about grand gestures.

Key Content

It’s not about the survival of the fittest - it’s the survival of the friendliest.

Altruism is a hard-wired need and a critical resource at times of enforced change.

Survival - more than just food & water. Why being with others changes our brains.

How we can learn to be authentically altruistic and how to stop our brain from preventing it.

Podcast 6:

Moving from Fear & Anxiety to Hope & Optimism - cultural contagion

Key Content

Why positive emotions buffer stress and enhance immunity.

Why you feel better when other people feel better.

Why a positive outlook enhances decision making and reduces bias.

How to shift from negative emotion to positive.

For details on how to get the podcast series for your people, please email Jonathan.

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