The Personal Ecosystem

Mood + Energy + Stress

The first stage, Personal Ecosystem, focuses on Mood, Stress and Energy. It examines how the oldest parts of our brain evolved to meet our needs in our physical and biological environments, specifically in terms of energy (food), sleep, movement and nature. We treat the complex interdependence between mood, stress and energy as an ecosystem, with a change in one area impacting throughout the whole. Once our participants have understood this, and how it influences our ability to create ‘spare’ energy for performance, they can make simple, effective changes to their routines that can have a profound impact on their energy levels, mood and performance.

To launch The Personal Ecosystem, CHX take the team for 2 or 3 day immersion. This enables the team to live with experts and build a thorough understanding of the mechanisms that regulate stress and energy, and how mood plays a key role both as an output of brain function and an input of behaviour and team culture. Stage 1 can be treated as a one-off individual or team performance event, but is recommended to be part of an on-going team development programme over 12 to 18 months.

Participant Outcomes

  • Improved understanding of the way the brain interprets our environments and influences both our better decisions and the bad ones
  • Improved understanding of how stress, energy and mood influence our capacity to get the best out of ourselves, what we term ‘headroom’
  • Increased awareness of how factors such as food, sleep, physical activity and our social and physical environments influence our headroom
  • Improved understanding of the fact that both our internal physiological and external physical and social environments represent a 'personal ecosystem', with small changes in one area often impacting significantly on other areas
  • The ability to identify where challenges to our personal ecosystems might be inhibiting our capacity to reach higher levels of performance
  • The ability to identify opportunities to enhance our personal ecosystem
  • The initiation of peer-to-peer networks and common frames of reference, allowing supported and sustained change across organisations

Three - four weeks post event, CHX Programme Leaders will meet in a workshop with the team to check on progress, commitment and changes. This is a coaching intervention where the team can refresh understanding and commitments.

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