Social Ecosystem

Empathy + Engagement + Altruism

Social Ecosystem looks at how the what is arguably the most modern part of our brain in evolutionary terms - the prefrontal cortex – and how it has evolved for survival in complex social environments, promoting cooperation through Empathy, Engagement and Altruism. This has shaped us into the modern human; capable, not only of survival in all our complex environments, but of shaping our environments. Clients will understand how this part of our brain is in constant conflict with the older parts, as it mediates our here-and-now instincts (cravings and desires) and our future needs (long term health and wellbeing), and what this means for them and their teams. Clients explore the hardwired needs we have to support and be supported by each other through empathy, engagement and altruism, and how stress is created when our executive brain suppresses these needs. We are a social species, but have been conditioned to be self-centred. This has stressful, dysfunctional impacts at home and at work, which depletes energy from other, more productive activity.

Applying social cognitive neuroscience towards an effective and altruistic culture, this event is run as a single day immersion offsite. The team will learn about biological & environmental authenticity - understanding the hard-wired processes that underpin cooperation and collaboration, and cultural authenticity -developing a culture that is consistent with biological, psychological and neuroscientific reality.

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